Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spyder Logic

Spyder Logic is actually part of Wisconsin based consulting firm Wipfli. This visit was much different than all of our other visits. Spyder Logic is very small compared to the rest of the firms we visited with only around 30 some employees at the location we visited. They tend to recruit more experienced employees rather than looking for talent coming right out of school. The employees mentioned that they preferred this because it creates more of a family like environment, and because of this, the employee retention rate is much higher than at the bigger firms. Another benefit to being a smaller firm is that they weren't hurt as bad by the economic downturn, although they did see a drop in business, it didn't seem to be as extreme as the larger firms. Spyder Logic uses their small size to distinguish themselves from the big firms, because they are smaller and more specific in what they do, they are able to provide more customization in the software design solutions they provide to their clients. In addition having a more senior staff also sets the them apart.

We had a little time to wander around the office and talk to some of the Spyder Logic employees after the formal presentation was complete, this was really fun, I was able to talk to an individual who was really interested to hear all about how cold it was back in Milwaukee. It was in the mid 80's in Mumbai and he said that's about as cool as it gets. Considering the people in Delhi were having a hard time with weather in the 30's, I think it would be a shock to experience the extreme cold we were getting at that time, makes me wonder why we put up with it. As it turns out the employee I was chatting with had never been to the U.S. but he worked with people in the U.S. almost daily and looks forward to visiting some time. I wonder if his culture shock would be as intense as mine.

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