Sunday, January 31, 2010


Infosys was by far the most impressive corporate campus we visited, and this campus was not even the corporate headquarters. This campus could have easily been found in silicon valley and would not seem out of place at all. The people at Infosys were very professional and the visit as a whole was very productive. Infosys addressed the same topics as many of the other corporate visits, however it is all a little different coming from different sources. It was interesting to hear about the four forces they believe are causing a flattening effect on the IT industry in India, those being emerging markets, demographic shifts, technology ubiquity, and increased regulations. Infosys has been extremely successful over its short life and has seen very rapid growth, I believe they really have a good understanding of the industry and seem to be shifting their business model to keep up with the changing environment. One good example of this is seen in how they are starting to pay more attention to markets outside of the U.S. They see that growth in the U.S. is not as robust as it used to be, but in other areas such as Europe and South America, more opportunities are starting to present themselves, in order to achieve growth it will be important for Infosys to identify the up and coming markets and make sure they have a strong presence in the market. One big change they need to deal with now that maybe wasn't as big of a problem in the early days is the competitive environment, as the IT industry continues to grow in importance, there seems to be a lot more competition not only in India, but worldwide.

Another interesting aspect to this visit was being able to listen to Greg Gulick and Dr. Kaiser give their presentations to some of the Infosys managers. They both did a very good job giving their presentations and they both had good question and answer sessions with the Infosys managers, I thought it was really interesting to listen to the type of questions the management asked considering the questions were coming from the perspective of individuals working in India with the U.S.

Although all the corporate visits were interesting, this was one of the better ones. It was very interesting to hear the story of how this company achieved such rapid growth and how they plan on continuing growth in a tough economic climate.

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